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If you would like to participate in any of the Children-UA activities we have listed below some ideas of how you could get involved:

  • Support Children-UA team in fundraising by:

    • organizing a fundraising event: brunch/ lunch / dinner and transferring the funds to Children-UA account

    • ordering catering from Children-UA for your own party with family / friends/ colleagues

    • organizing a fundraising at your work / neighborhood / other

    • doing a cookie selling with your kid


  • Make Children-UA 2017 camp even more fun for kids and

    • order each of them pizza & juice to refresh after one of their workshops

    • sponsor a city trip for them

    • give each kid a chocolate, or two, or more☺

    • invite kids to the nearest aqua park

    • buy them a pair of shoes

If you like one of the suggested above options or have a better idea about your participation and contribution to Children-UA please contact us at or simply fill up the form below.

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