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Children-UA team is running educational camps for orphaned teenagers from Ukraine. We have started this initiative back in 2009 and have organized 6 camps since then. There was no camp in 2014 due to the war in Eastern Ukraine and in 2015 we changed the location and succeeded to bring 19 kids from this region to Switzerland for a full week. These kids, who have lost their parents and have also seen war, had a chance to explore beautiful Swiss mountains and to develop essential skills for their future success. We have shown them that life can also be beautiful and inspiring!


The 6th Children-UA camp took place on July 11-17th, 2016 in Holstein, Switzerland.

With our target group remaining the same we are happy to announce that we have already started the planning and fundraising activities for this year's camp.

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If we can just help one child, it will have been worth all our efforts

Children-UA is a non-profit association based in Basel, Switzerland. We run educational camps for Ukrainian orphans aged 11-15. In these camps, we teach children the importance of education and how to build healthy social relationships.

Please help us make it happen! Read more about us and how You can help.

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During our classes, workshops and even fun outdoor activities we teach kids: 

  • Social and Leadership skills, conflicts management;

  • To be responsible and independent;

  • Emotional Intelligence;

  • Intercultural communication and tolerance;

  • Healthy lifestyle and being environmentally conscious;

  • Personal finance basics;

  • about the variety of different professions: follow your heart and passion. 

We believe that with this approach children learn not only about our current world and economic situation or historical facts, but also about their own strengths and talents which they have had no opportunity to discover before. 

If you would like to support our camps, learn how you can do it here.

6 summer camps organized

More than 100 children participated

More than 500 hours spent on education and development activities


Summer Camp ‘15

Andriy Skrypnyk a.k.a. Homyak

"You are helping us to learn something new, develop our talents. The camp also helped me to realize the importance of learning languages to be able to communicate with others and travel around the world. Thanks to the camp I have also re-assessed my values and goals in life."

Summer Camps ‘15-16

Oleksandr Matsuka

“Children-UA Camp motivated me to become better and more successful. I finally have a clear goal that I want to achieve in my life and get closer to it with every step. I have started to change my habits, read more books, learn English, plan ahead. I found myself and realized what I want to do in future. We have learnt skills that we wouldn't have learnt at school otherwise.” 

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